Warming up for the coming entries

If there’s one thing I like, it’s Mathematics. And it’s mostly because math likes me back, or it has seemed so for the past 16 years of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to brag here but ever since as a kid, math has always been my favorite subject in school. O:) Growing up, I rarely had a hard time learning my lessons in Math and I have to say that so far, I have done fairly well in my math classes, Organizational Communication Statistics included (now this one, I’m proud of :D).  For some reason, I have this strong affinity with numbers so I thought of three things which can probably rationalize my affinity with numbers. :)

Math Tinik used to be my favorite TV show.

ABS-CBN, a leading broadcasting network in the country used to offer an amazing line-up of educational shows for kids. Back in the 90’s, the line-up consisted of Hiraya Manawari, Sine’skwela, Bayani and Math Tinik. I remember liking all these television shows (I can still sing the theme songs of some of them) but my real favorite among them was Math Tinik. It teaches math, obviously and every morning, I made sure I saw every episode. :)

My parents are both Accounting grads.

Accounting graduates. Enough said. I guess I got good genes from my parents.

I used to want to become an accountant.

Being an accountant is one of the first few professions I learned of, since my mom is one. After going through the unavoidable phase of wanting to become a doctor, I wanted to become a teacher. Then I wanted to become a lawyer. And then, I wanted to become an accountant like my mom. I guess since I understood that being an accountant meant having to deal with money, my liking for math grew deeper. Up until my first year in college as an Organizational Communication (OrCom) student, I was convinced that I wanted a career in accounting.

Math is difficult. It’s structured. It’s predictable. And I’m fairly good in it. Probably that’s why it has become boring to me. I realized that I don’t want to a career that’s centered on numbers anymore. The last thing in my mind was to pursue a communication degree, what more a career in communication. But I’ve got Organizational Communication and my college professors to blame for my change of heart. :D Now, I want a career that’s dynamic and unpredictable. I want to interact with people, know more people. I want a career that’s going to give me sparks, a career that will excite me, and make me nervous the way math used to.

There’s so much more to learn about people, communication, and even new social media. I’m happy where I’m at right now as a senior OrCom student, but I am not contented. I want to keep going, and I want to be better. :)


10 thoughts on “Warming up for the coming entries

  1. I envy you,Kits, for figuring out in an early age what would you have wanted to be when you grow up. But then, the shift of yours to like OrCom and pursue a career related to it is even more ‘wow’. :)

    • I guess it’s true, what they say about following your heart (sounds too cheesy coming from me haha) but I’m happy I dropped my one-track mind and found my love for OrCom :)

  2. nice! i hate math but its inevitable to my life! hahahaha its a great thing that you know what u want. so ROCK ON BABY!!!!:D Hahaha

  3. we should talk more often via wire…get to know you better! and closer :) take path whatever will make u happy and probably richer… God bless and take care. ..and this blog, its nice sharing to people of my age to understand your gen more.

  4. Nice. I like math too, not because I’m good at it, but because it’s safe. Predictable, as you called it. You don’t have to expect anything from it than what you already see at first glance. You don’t have to look out for miscommunication in math. :O

    But you’re right about the unpredictability making orcom exciting. And we love the course all the more for it. :3

  5. I like this post cause I love math as well. But honestly, i prefer Sineskwela over Math Tinik, even though I hate Science. haha
    We may not be in the field where Math reigns but I still think that Math will forever be a part of everybody’s life. It’s just one fact we can’t deny.
    (random thoughts. hahaha)

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