Behold the Slinky

My favorite toy (Oh Slinky you had me since I was six!). My model for the Social Media. :) The Slinky and New Social Media have a lot more in common than you might think! Well, aside from the fact that I am fascinated by both, here are some attributes I believe are shared by the two:

  • Variety, variety, variety! Slinkies come in different shapes, sizes and colors. There are heart-shaped Slinkies, moon-shaped Slinkies, heart-shaped Slinkies and of course the classic circular Slinkies! With New Social Media, you also have a wide array of options to choose from. From social networking sites to blogs, to podcasts and viral videos, you can choose whatever suits your purpose and preference best. :)

Rainbow Slinkies!!

Social Media Tools to choose from!

  • They’re handy tools! Slinkies are tools of joy! Just a few bounces and you’ll find yourself free from boredom and sadness. :> The New Social Media on the other hand is a tool for communication. Communication through the new social media is ubiquitous so it helps you talk with and listen to your different publics instantly and more efficiently. :)
  • Exert force on one end you’ll feel something back. Just apply a little force on one end and you’ll have a bouncing Slinky in no time. When you communicate using the New Social Media, you’ll get feedback (one way or another) in no time! The New Social Media makes it’s much easier to obtain feedback through site hits, Likes, Retweets, Shares, and Comments. In the New Social Media, you will be able to at least get a clue of your audience impact and reactions to your communication efforts. :) If I may quote Sir Isaac Newton, For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” ;)
  • If you stop, you lose the momentum! When playing with a Slinky, you mustn’t stop putting a little force on one end after the other to keep it in motion. This is the same for the New Social Media! It’s never good to allow gaps to grow between you and your audience. Keep the relationship between you and your audience alive through honest and constant communication. And by communication, I don’t just mean talking, but also listening! :)

Just keep it going! :)

  • Tricks! With the Slinky and the New Social Media, the possibilities are just endless. Strategy is your bestfriend, but creativity is your true friend. Check out these cool videos! ;)

  • Nothing happens to it unless you start playing with it. In the words of Sir Isaac Newton, Every object in a state of rest tends to remain at rest unless an external force is applied to it.” Without actually using the New Social Media, you won’t enjoy its benefits! Surely the world of New Social Media goes around even without you in it, but it’s different when you engage in it. Slinkies and the New Social Media aren’t just eye candies. They’re meant to be played and experimented with! :)
  • Tendency to tangle! Nothing gets me down like a tangled Slinky so be careful! In playing with a Slinky and with using the New Social Media.

It's all fun and games until your Slinky gets tangled. :(

Now dig up your toy cabinet and find your Slinky! :)


15 thoughts on “Behold the Slinky

  1. I love slinkies! I used to be jealous of everyone who had one, and i can symphatize with tangled slinkies. :(

    I loved the way you used this as your model for Social Media, it kind of reminds me of that Dance’s communication model, the one with the spirals. :) While that model shows the dynamism of communication, the Slinky shows the importance of feedback in social media. Bravo! Make this your thesis! :D :D :D

    • Thanks Eya! I have a star-shaped slinky at home! Heehee
      You’re right! The slinky kind of resembles Dance’s model, but that model ignores feedback and interaction which I believe is the heart of communication, being able to commune with and connect to others. Thesis? EEP :O

  2. You made a cute analogy between the new social media and slinkies.

    I guess the “tangles” that you mentioned can be regarded as factors to communication breakdown- which we should be wary of. It occurs even in computer-mediated communication.

    Slinkies are fun and colorful. And our use of social media adds color to our lifestyle.
    Okay, I give up. I think you made all the rational comparisons.

    Anyway, follow Eya’s advice. *smug

    • Tangles = communication breakdown. Exactly Kitty! :) The Slinky and the New Social Media are both fun and easy to use but they’re prone to “tangles”. I believe working (with) both requires conscientiousness especially with the New Social Media where one small mistake can cost you your good reputation.

  3. KITS!!!! super love ur entry:D u make me more happy reading ur entry, u really do exhibit the fun theory!!!! loves the video:D and i love the slinky too hahaha you make me understand new social media even though i have no freaking clue what is it all about, the physics concept really do the work for me:D awww looking forward to your entries loves!:Dawww keep up!

  4. The role of an OrCom major is to be the manipulator of the ‘slinky’ in a way that would benefit the organization and bring no harm to others. By using this social media tool we can maximize external communication and incur feedback as well. :) The good thing about the new social media is that we get to see reaction even without asking people for feedback.

    It’s a good analogy and parallelism using slinky and new social media. this entry is really interesting since you simplified your explanation of the role of new social media through a familiar object–the SLINKY!!!:)

    • Hello Ate Kimy! :) I believe the Social Media tool shouldn’t be limited to Orcommunicologists only. Marketing specialists, PR practitioners and other communication specialists are other people who should know how to take full advantage of the New Social Media as a tool for communication. Other members of an organization should also learn how to use the New Social Media because they too are ambassadors of their organization. :)

  5. Slinkies are <3.

    This is a creative way of comparing the Social Media of today and a toy everyone could actually relate to. OC101 memories. LOL.

    Though the New Social Media certainly is prone to the disadvantages of communication breakdown, we already know the large capacity of benefits we're reaping through the connections we establish and we keep strengthening.

    The slinky shows these connections with the spiraling and twisting but unlike Dance's model, I think le slinky's back and forth motion creates an ellipsis, sort of never- ending until someone stops to move it completely. the spiral model of Dance however has a definite beginning and a definite end. Once communication stops, it stops completely.
    The analogy has been you've thoroughly explained, physics and all. I loved the fact that this had not been a boring read at all. Nice concept Khits. :) And Da! to everyone who suggested that this should be your thesis topic. :D

    ~avs out!

  6. i had initial reservations about the analogy but reading your post somehow convinces me that there are relevant similarities worth noting.

    the key difference i can think of is that an individual can play with slinky alone, while in social media, well, it’s social :) And while a slinky gives you joy when you play with it, it doesn’t quite enable you to do so many other things that social media offers. one provides you with happiness, the other enables you. the difference is key. :)

    it’s important to test the analogy beyond the usual so you can further substantiate the claims. still, i had fun reading the post. :)

    • You’re right sir, that playing with a slinky is a solo activity but I thought that the interaction between the two hands is a good symbol for the give and take rapport between an organization for example and its audiences. heehee O:)

      Can i just say that I have been waiting for your comment, sir. =))

  7. I had fun reading this Kits! I couldn’t help but smile when I read the second and the third points, hahaha! I think those were the best points you raised because both are true in terms of social media usage.

    “If you stop, you lose the momentum!” A lot of companies are guilty of this. After adding contacts and gaining followers, they just stop doing something and leave their followers in the middle of nothing. Ah, superficial online connections. If they won’t even update their SNS, they better not sign up in the first place. If all they would do is promote, promote, and promote using their SNS, they better stop using the SNS altogether. Because as you mentioned, they must nurture relationships with their contacts; that way, they would leave a mark on their audience.

    • Awww, thank you Karen! I’m so happy you visited my blog! O:) Exactly! Brands should be working for the long haul. A healthy mix between consistency (in updating) and unpredictability (in the campaigns they launch/relaunch) I think would not only reinforce customer loyalty but also keep their interest in the brand. Heehee

      • You know what, that reply of yours (consistency and unpredictability mix) is worth another blog entry. Sounds interesting!

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