The Fuss Over FIFA


Did you know that team Brazil, Germany, Argentina and England were not allowed by their coaches to access New Social Media in this year’s FIFA World Cup? Their coaches thought that tweeting about the game or reading tweets about the game was going to ruin the focus of the players and would only add to the anxiety of the players. But while many FIFA players diffused themselves from the social media, FIFA fans and spectators did quite the opposite.

Celebrating Culture, Connecting People

Shakira’s Waka Waka, the FIFA World Cup 2010 official theme song is nearing 99 million hits on YouTube! Soccer fans and enthusiasts from all over the world flocked the new social media in the hype of FIFA World Cup 2010. Even countries who didn’t have representatives to the said football competition cheered for the FIFA players.

FIFA Lanyards

During my first year in college, almost everyone had a FIFA lanyard. But now, soccer enthusiasts have taken their mania to a whole new level. That is, through the New Social Media. Some of my Facebook contacts were posting photos of Cristiano Ronaldo, changing their profile pictures to images of soccer players, even posting cheers for their favorite FIFA teams. Fans were going to their Twitter accounts to celebrate victories, whine over defeats, or maybe rejoice over the hotness of soccer players.

Opportunity for Brand Awareness

Two words: Trending topics. Who would have thought that Vuvuzela, an African instrument would top Twitter’s trending topics for weeks? YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are doing Shakira’s Waka Waka with all these Football fans getting high on the FIFA hype. But soccer fans and enthusiasts weren’t the only ones who flocked to the new social media because of FIFA. Brands and advertisers have long been preparing for this. This sports event has provided big brands the opportunity to maximize New Social Media to get their names out there. We have Nike with

We have Adidas with

We have VISA


Potential for Sports and the New Social Media

Malaysian version of Coca-Cola’s FIFA World Cup 2010 campaign

FIFA World Cup 2010 is only one of the big occasions that open up opportunities to build brand awareness internationally. NBA is another. Now, brands and advertisers in the Philippines should learn from these tactics. They can take use sports events whether local or international, to take steps and capitalize on new social media for brand promotion. :)

Now let’s Waka Waka! :>


10 thoughts on “The Fuss Over FIFA

  1. I think this year, FIFA fan-dom reached a fever pitch with the advent of new social media. A lot of people got curious and decided to see what all the hype is all about. Of course, all the biggest sports advertisers are praising the gods for all the potential stakeholders they might get from the accompanying buzz surrounding the World Cup.

    • I agree. Before, buzz was created by the FIFA lanyards although not everyone who wore them were actually fans of World Cup, and some of them didn’t even know what World Cup was! Haha.

      But now the reach is waaaaaay wider. Hello, I am not a fan but during the season I kept on receiving links from my friends who were fans! My friends would IM me on YM and photoshare pictures of hot players. :> Thanks to new social media!

      • New social media has allowed this FIFA buzz to reach BEYOND soccer fans, which is again a good thing for brands and advertisers because they’re putting their names out there not only for the fans to see, but also for the fans’ networks. O:)

  2. Hi Kits! :) Well.. I’m not a fan of this World Cup thing. I’m a loser. Haha. So, thanks to your blog, I’m quite aware right now. (So, that’s what the lanyards were about before! I kept on wondering. Haha.)

    Talking about grabbing opportunities, I agree that we should always try to take advantage of events, gatherings or whatever. It’s just that sometimes I forget to do it. Just like that one time we went to Chocolate Expo, I did not bring calling cards with me but then Earl was wearing corporate attire to get contacts. Haha!

    I’m gonna watch that Waka Waka :)

    • Howdy Marj! :) I’m not a big fan of FIFA either but it grows on you! :>
      I think we should do MORE than just taking advantage of events. Ika nga nila, “We don’t look for opportunities. We make them.” O:)

  3. Did you say FIFA? -mentally runs after Fernando Torres-

    I think that the FIFA 2010 phenomenon is not just about sports anymore. It’s advertising heaven. I remember Sir Chong’s lecture last week. Sports advertising is one, if not the most, lucrative things these days. I could just imagine the joy of Nike and Adidas.

    For two weeks, I have been swamped with Gatorade, Nike, Visa, Rexona for men, Kia and Thai Airways ads. Oh wait, I saw the Thai Airways ads during Wimbledon.

    It’s not just sports products and brands that can ride on the exposure that FIFA (or other sports events for that matter) can bring. Kia and yes, Thai Airways had more than their fill of advertising spots.


    The Waka Waka song is playing again in my mind. Ahhh, such sweet victory for my Spain team. No, they’re not mine, but you get the picture. :D

  4. Korek Nadz! A lot has changed in the field of advertising and I’m not just talking about the medium. The content and focus of advertising and marketing campaigns go beyond company products and services. It’s very common for brands and advertisers to publicize company values and advocacies. And there’s nothing wrong with that because they seem more genuinely human and sincere that way. :)

    PS. Im never cheering for espana bcause of the 300 years of colonization. CHARING. :))

  5. I think sports-related companies should take advantage of this kind of opportunity. A world-known league like FIFA is a big venue for advertising a brand. Yes, brand management/awareness! They just have to craft their message into something that would fit the given situation. Again, know your target audience, know how to reach them, and know how to talk to them. :)

  6. I would say I’m not an avid fan of FIFA. However, for a lot of people the world cup is a means to bring people from different walks of life together (literally and figuratively). FIFA is a very significant event such that it is a platform for countries with not-so-good cross-cultural relationships to participate in a friendly competition. Thus, enhancing ties between nations. Couple that with the binding power of the New Social Media. Indeed, Social Networking Sites bridged people of the same interests–in this instance, the World Cup.

  7. Hi Kits! It’s a shame that just I found this entry today. If I found this during the peek of FIFA, I had so much to say (haha). Yes, social media did really increase the FIFA fan-dom, thanks for the term, Zid. I can fully attest to that because I am a proud and proclaimed FIFA fan myself. I wasn’t really interested at first but the people I follow on had so many posts about it that it influenced me, especially when I met FERNANDO TORRES (haha). Yes, I was so addicted to him that I even bought a Spain jersey and made a blog post devoted to him (haha). Now that the FIFA heat is over, I’m really glad that these SNS exist because I still have a weekly update on Torres. I hope that I’ll be able to attend the next FIFA World Cup. :)

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