What Would Chuck Do

Let me start this post with a premise…


Organizations know that communication should be about knowing when to say what to say to who through the most effective and efficient way possible and listening through the most effective and efficient way possible. :)

Now the proposition…


Organizations must learn three things from the Nerd Herd. :>

Chuck? Nerd herd? Wait, what?!

Chuck Bartowski, the full-time Nerd Herd-er turned part-time Nerd Herd-er full-time CIA secret spy

Chuck is a Nerd Herd-er (who accidentally absorbs CIA’s government secrets through an e-mail sent by his ex-pal from college [ex-pal because he stole Chuck’s girlfriend] who turns out to be a CIA agent).

The Nerd Herd is the technical support team of Buy More (Nerd Herd because well, they are a herd of nerds, amusing ones at that!). Buy More is the fictional department store in the TV show Chuck.

Buy More's Nerd Herd plus Morgan, a sales associat and their Manager

So what does Chuck and the Nerd Herd have to do with organizational communication and New Social Media? It seems kinda far-fetched that organizations have something to learn from Chuck and the Nerd Herd especially that they’re fictional characters from an action-comedy show, but it will (IT SHOULD!) make sense as you read on. O:)

What to take note from a Nerd Herd-er: :>

1. Getting techie. Them Nerd Herd-ers sure know their gadgets well. And why shouldn’t they? They are the technical support team!

So? It’s time for organizations to get techie! Technology offers tremendous opportunities for communication between organizations and their audiences and they don’t even require expertise. Organizations don’t have to be like the Nerd Herd-ers. They can start by familiarizing themselves with the technology available to them then tinker (with caution!) with them for a little bit. I did mention that effective communication involves utilizing THE MOST EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT WAY POSSIBLE, yes? And what more efficient medium is there than the New Social Media? :)

2. Convenience for customers. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Herder. With the Herder Mobile, Nerd Herd-ers can easily go to their customers whenever a trouble arises.

The Herder Mobile

So? No you silly! Organizations don’t need their own Herder Mobiles to respond to their audiences. New Social Media is making way for convenient communication between organizations and their audiences. Consumers for example can readily reach out to organizations as organizations can readily respond to them.  O:) Organizations also need to devise their own response mechanism in the world of New Social Media to reply to their audiences. This is not just about effectiveness and efficiency, it’s about responsiveness. ;)

3. Tailored assistance. Nerd Herd-ers get different calls from different customers. Some need help in setting up their computers, some need help in installing their home theater, but whatever the need is, a Nerd Herd-er knows how to get the job done.

So? When it comes to communication, organizations must know what to say to whom. The content, style and medium of a message must always depend on their target audience. When it comes to communicating during a crisis, it is even more critical.

The Dream Team

I believe that combining the premise and the proposition with the Wiki principles will create every organization’s dream team. Coupling openness to technology and input, peering and sharing technology and information, and acting globally with the execution of the basic principle of communication and Nerd Herd tips would step up any organization’s competitive advantage and value. O:)

PS. Y’all have to watch Chuck! O:>


5 thoughts on “What Would Chuck Do

  1. KHITS! You didn’t tell me you are also a Chuck fan! :D I was watching Chuck re-runs earlier so I am thinking of posting a blog related to Bartowski as well… haha :P

    The techie-ness, the convenience and effective response, and knowing what to say to whom in a certain time should always be taken into consideration of organizations. In that way they’ll be able to build good relationships inside the organization and better output for the consumers.

    Another thing that organizations could learn from Chuck, though, is to deal with problems and even spy issues in style.

    And yes, people have to watch Chuck! Its AWESOME. :D

    • KC I didn’t know you’re a fan too. Heehee. Dealing with problems in style is more of Sarah’s thing eh. HAHA but anyway, I don’t think orgs should be stressing on spy issues because Social Media is about openness, sharing and peering yes? heehee O:)

  2. Haven’t known about Chuck until reading this post. I am considering watching it though (since you endorsed it well). The Nerd Herd very well reminds me of the Geek Squad from Wikinomics. In a realm where organizations are challenged by tough competition, I think it is only practical to do those you’ve mentioned. After all, if they don’t do so, they might be left behind the herd. Nice post Kits! ;)

    • The Nerd Herd’s actually a parody of the Geek Squad, in the same way that Buy More is a parody of Best Buy. Heehee watch it Ninin! O:) Btw, I’m excited for tomorrow! :>

  3. You’re right, “the content, style and medium of a message must always depend on the target audience.” Having said that, I have to comment that not all organizations have to be techie, because their target audience might not be techie as well, or they might not be present in the world called new social media. Like, I can’t imagine the brand Asahi (electric fans) to have Facebook and Twitter accounts . The most effective and efficient way to communicate to the audience and converse with them, in my opinion, depends on who they are and where they are, virtually and socially. A website can do, but they can always have it outsourced.

    The Nerd Herd reminds me of the Geek Squad, really. :)

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