Reputation Nation!

Folks build a reputation by attacking you while you’re alive or praising you after you ain’t.” But no one really needs to kick the bucket before hearing (or reading) people’s approval and appreciation.  Having a good reputation though does not only mean getting approval and appreciation. It means being trusted, reliable and sought after. Yes, building a good reputation while you’re alive is no easy task but it’s not impossible either.

Haters gon' hate but that don't mean you can't participate. :))

When it comes to getting a good reputation using the new social media, in short getting a good online reputation, one is either starting from scratch or… not (I wonder what’s easier between the two). By starting from scratch I mean, one is still new to the new social media, prolly with a very limited network online (if not nonexistent). But then again, one might be wrong. Just because one is new to new social media doesn’t mean people aren’t talking about him or her. So if you’re just starting out in the world of new social media, it wouldn’t hurt if you try to Google your name just to see if you really are starting from scratch.

Now if you’re the other type, the type that’s not starting from scratch (heehee) you should be getting familiar with the past and on-going conversations about you. I say, start keeping tabs! :>

Being new to social media or pretty much having zero online reputation may be regarded as glass half full, half empty. No one’s talking crap behind your back. But no one’s saying good things about you either. Now when you’re being talked about online, one always has this concern that there might be good things or bad things being said about you. More so if you’re popular. Being famous means online reputation monitoring and management is going to be more demanding and critical.

The good thing with social media is that it makes it possible to track the longest discussions, conversations and even the shortest tweets mentioning you. Unlike in the real world, the only time people talk about you is when you’re not present which is precisely why we have no way to trace when, where and between or among whom the conversations are happening.

Whatever monitoring tool you’re using, whether free or with fee, it’s important to keep pulse on what people are saying about you. Free monitoring tools however are error-prone since majority of them can’t process sarcastic or confusing comments. So choose and use your tools wisely. The sooner you get hold of your reputation, of what people are saying about you, the sooner you can strategize how to respond and manage them. The world of new social media is a Digital Reputation Nation (ching). It’s a world built on everyone’s word on anyone. It’s your reputation is that’s at stake so don’t be reluctant to take control of it and be part of the Digital Reputation Nation (ching). :)


4 thoughts on “Reputation Nation!

  1. It’s harder to manage one’s reputation nowadays because people have one more thing to consider. And it is important because a lot of people—a new boss or even a crush or admirer– actually go to it when they want to know more about a certain person. But it is also easier in the sense that you can know what others are saying about you, thus you have a better idea on what to do.

    But before you think about the internet, you must remember that what you do in the real world is the most important thing. Negative comments on the internet shouldn’t be a problem if you have real people who can defend and help you clarify things for you. Ching! :D

  2. It’s only now that we’ve begun talking about online reputation that it actually started to hit my how important it was to maintain an image online. Most people probably would not realize it, but all of what we have been doing online still have their traces to this day. Online reputation was still far from my mind back when I started using the net in high school – especially the thought of monitoring it. Somehow, I thought there was such a thing as absolute anonymity on the web – well, not anymore.

    We’re not invisible anymore – we can’t be, not with all the search tools available. Everyone’s a public figure now; we’ve been pulled into the spotlight in one way or another through the spread of the Internet. I think more than making sure we’re not being talked about negatively, we can also make sure that we have positive contributions to the growth of the net – be it posts, pictures or videos – that can speak volumes about who we are as people.

    • Yes to positive contributions to the internet!!! Indeed the internet coupled with new social media (plus anonymity) has empowered each and every one of use but it has also led to Internet pollution (HELLO SPAM). We shouldn’t use this ’empowerment’ irresponsibly. Each netizen should be acting to reduce internet trash. I believe we can do this by:
      1. contributing information that actually matter, or we can at least make sure that the information we’re sharing (and re-sharing) online are reliable
      2. posting these information on the right websites

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