Targeting that Suspect

Once in a while, we stumble upon things that take our breaths away. Things we wouldn’t usually pay attention to but now have taken over our existence. Things that have taken us by surprise. These things, they shift our paradigms, and change the way we think and prioritize. Things so gripping that we just find ourselves rearranging our lives just to make time for them.

Meet Ellis

Meet my dear friend Ellis.  14 months ago, she didn’t give a damn about Kjwan Kjwan> or any local band for that matter. But when she came across the band last year in UP Manila, Kjwan took her breath away. Ellis  wouldn’t usually pay attention to Kjwan but now it has taken over her existence. The band took her by surprise. Kjwan shifted Ellis’ paradigm, and changed the way she thinks and prioritizes. The experience for her was so gripping that she found herself rearranging her life just to make time for Kjwan. I’m trying to make a point here. You see, Ellis is just an example of the many suspects a brand has.

Ladder of Customer Loyalty :)

The suspect is at the bottom of the Ladder of Customer Loyalty, meaning it’s where everything starts. Customer loyalty sprouts from SUSPECTS, those who businesses see as fit into what they have identified as their target market. Basically, suspects are anyone who might buy from your brand. All raving fans start out as suspects, in the same way that advocates, customers, and prospects do, which is why I believe brands have to exert extra effort in getting the attention of the suspects. :)

RESEARCH is basic. “Market research is like sticking your toe into a lake before jumping in.” Brands should find out why suspects are not paying attention because only then can they make these suspects think about getting their product. :)

Brands should BE WHERE THEY ARE EXPECTED TO BE! Suspects and prospects first become aware of a brand’s existence. At this stage, the goal should be to create exposure for the brand. Capitalizing on the power online presence is one way to go. :) Having a website or even just a fanpage in a Social Networking Site could be helpful. Buying advertising is what most brands would do but then again, brands may opt for cheaper alternatives such as producing online content. These could come in form of online articles, blog entries, or videos. This way, brands are not merely creating content but also ADDING VALUE to their brand.

Of course these wouldn’t work without two things:
1. Appropriate Level of Personalization. Suspects and prospects should be able to relate to the content you’re posting. Without this, they’re just gonna hit the Back button.
2. Ease of Access. What’s the use of having awesome content if people don’t have access to them. Keywords and proper tagging are what brands can use to make their content easy to get to. :)
Brands should also allow suspects and prospects to stay in touch with them. Offering subscription to newsletters is a great way to keeping in contact and perhaps building the interest in one’s suspects. :)

We’ll never know when we’re going to encounter things that will change the way we think. And this is why the opportunity for brands to charm suspects using new social media is just immense. :O


5 thoughts on “Targeting that Suspect

  1. Ellis used as a metaphor is just so effective haha. Kidding aside, targeting ‘suspects’ also has something to do with knowing your own brand. Manufacturers should take it as their burden to familiarize themselves with their brand, not just their customers. Without doing so, they might be successful in capturing the attention of their suspects but still unable to convince them to purchase the product itself.

    There is also a need to establish a connection between the marketing strategy and the brand. Doing so will persuade consumers to choose that particular brand marketed over others. In other words, identities of brands should be delineated enough from that of competitors so as to justify why they should purchase one over the other.

    • I’m afraid the information I wrote about Ellis is now obsolete. Sa Franco na siya obsessed. HAHAHA

      I agree with you Ninin! And if I may quote my classmates (who quoted Sir Villar HAHA), you cannot share something you don’t have, so it’s just logical that brands first reflect on what they have to offer to customers before implementing their marketing efforts . I hope I’m making sense. HIGH FIVE :))

  2. Khits! I agree that if brands want to target their “suspects”, they have to research first, and of course know what they can offer. :) I must say that a lot of “brand snipers” have totally made me their suspects and their continuous work towards my heart made me a raving fan :D Probably the best feeling an organization can get is when they already earned a lot of fans, but that’s when they have to be more careful. One wrong move can wash all those raving fans away.

  3. For a ‘suspect’ like me who somehow has a pushed-content barrier thicker than blood type AB, the use of social media as a form of marketing has taken its lowest poll.

    I can probably consider myself as a difficult online client because I don’t assume that what I see is what I get. These clothes store, for example, would bombard my Wall with random models wearing adorable clothes. Sure, they look nice but practically speaking, I know for a fact that it wouldn’t exactly look that way in person. On the other hand, your accessory posts kits had really got me interested because the posts are close to how they would most likely look like at the same time, I trust you, as an online seller and as a friend, that you will not disappoint me.

    An important factor that I see here for an online marketing strategy to work is reinforcement. You do not let your your market dwell on the mere thought of your product, you let them experience it as well.

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