Before I had my summer internship, I used to think that Facebook and Twitter combined is the new social media. But after my boss introduced me to Brian Solis‘ Conversation Prism, I realized that there’s more to social media than just Facebook and Twitter. So please repeat after me: New social media is not Facebook and Twitter.

Now Facebook and Twitter might be two of the leading sites of social Networks and Micromedia and they may be the first two websites that I log into first when I go online, but really, my favorite social media sites are Video Websites.

If I had to choose between watching a viral video and reading a really cool blog, I would definitely go for the video.  Now when it comes to integrating videos into a social media plan, I’d say it’s a great way to offer value to your audience. Not only are videos entertaining but they can also present positive value. They can advertise to promote their services, products, and brands.  Through videos, organizations can share through a more vivid and tangible experience.

What makes videos even greater is that they go viral more easily. It’s easier to think of videos that spread like wildfire than to think of a blog entry, a tweet, or a Facebook status that went viral.

Another plus for videos is the fact that communicators are not restricted to words. With videos, they can be more imaginative. Communicators can take on creative approaches to reach out to their audience. From approaches like celebrity endorsements, to fun tutorials, to inspiring clips, to charming mini-films, audiences can gain value in an enjoyable way. At the same time, creators can have fun in crafting these videos which are of course remain hinged on what the brand is, who its audience is and what compels them.

Here are some of my favorite clips:

I haven’t seen the movie but the trailer is just so nostalgic.

Amusing yes?

Sandwich! :)

What are your favorite vids?


4 thoughts on “ViVid

  1. Well, since you asked, these are two of my favorite videos (in animation, at least):

    Charlie the Unicorn”


    I believe YouTube spawned a whole new age of public sharing, and this time, one that’s not limited to–as you mentioned–the use of words . Gaans Deen, the corporate communications guy of Victory Fort said in our interview that he believes the future will be in the production of creative videos. He says that organizations should now look into this usage in order to convey their messages whether in their organizations internally, or across the Internet. :)

  2. When I read the title, I thought you meant another kind of Vivid. I won’t speak further about it. :)

    Uhm Viral videos. I think viral videos are really effective in promoting something, corporations can use them instead of buying expensive advertising space in the trimedia. The “Man Your Man Can Smell Like” campaign of Old Spice is effective, although it was originally shown as a Superbowl commercial, which is expensive, Old Spice extended the campaign in YouTube. They made a series of video replies that are evidently low budget but they were entertaining as well. It’s very effective because I use Old Spice now. :)

  3. The wonders of visual arts!

    If it’s not too tedious, I would also go for video-blogging! Videos tap deep into people’s imagination plus it leaves a recorded file in your head you can play anytime. Unlike text blogs, video blogs is more entertaining. (you must agree!) The burden, though, is for the blogger to create clips interesting enough for your followers to keep on wanting more.

    Maybe Twitter can consider video-tweeting as well! (no more than 5mb in size ;p)

  4. One of my favorite clips is the light motion clip that sir Chong presented in his Hum2 class. I think youtube revolutionized the internet at some point, and I’m glad it did. Because of youtube, things have become more interactive on the cyber world. We are able to enjoy and learn so many stuff because of the videos found on youtube. It also helped in flourishing the creativity of people by providing them a venue to share their skills and talents online.

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