My Baguio Weekend!

**I wanted this to be a photo blog entry but I just had to share this: If you’re going to Baguio, make sure you drop by Kaffee Klatsch (where it is exactly, I am not sure just look for it, ask around!). The place was too beautiful for my digital camera (thus the sucky pictures). It’s a coffee shop that opens only in the evening and it features local acoustic acts. I was kinda bummed out when I found out that it was a coffee shop because I was hoping to get some (alcoholic) drinks with my friends, but I wasn’t disappointed. I ordered for their house specialty Klatsch Cup, a stronger version of Cafe Mocha, and boy was it delicious!!!

Thank you Michelle, Angel, Nikka, Meg, and Len for an awesome weekend! :D


9 thoughts on “My Baguio Weekend!

  1. Hi Kits! I’m Mitzi Uy from a new company called Wired on Web. We are currently creating an online game that aims to attract tourism in our country. I would like to ask if we can feature your beautiful botanical garden photo from Baguio as one of the destinations. Thanks! We’d surely include you in the credits. :)

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