When Frustration Meets Incoherence

When someone says there’s always gonna be at least one person who’s got your back (read: care for you, support you, understand you, etc.), don’t make the mistake of believing that person. That person hasn’t got a fucking clue about life. Sooner or later, life’s gonna slap you with the truth that it’s you against the world. Or maybe not slap. Maybe it’s gonne be like a bad bug bite. At first it just itches. Five minutes later, it starts to feel like its burning. Give it a couple of hours and it’s gonna be red and swollen like Santa’s cheeks.

Forgive the jibber jabber. Point is: no one really has your back and this will drive you to the edge at times. But you don’t have to be a slave to this harsh reality because no one knows what you can do. So show the world who’s boss. Or get a pet.


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