Of Restless Books

The one and a half-minute video is entitled ‘Organizing the Bookcase’ but it looks more like restless books to me.


Dark & Twisty

I spend a lot of time on the internet watching my favorite shows and movies but I also enjoy looking at artworks and photographs (to imagine how I created and took them all by myself). I am telling you, this is art like you’ve never seen before.

I doodle (in fact I doodle a lot). I doodle on my notebook, my wrist, my seatmates’ arms, even on school property but never like this. Dark and twisty. Just how I like it.

Did I mention all these are on Post-It notes? Click the thumbnails to see how detailed John Kenn‘s works are.













All images are owned by John Kenn who by the way is having an exhibit in Copenhagen until March 12th. Details here folks!