Doubts from 368 Days Ago

An unfinished draft from exactly 368 days ago.

If anything, law school has taught me to doubt. I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing but the irresolute chunk of me (and believe me when I say that this chunk makes up about 90% of who I am) wasn’t exactly looking forward to learning it at this point in my life. If you think about it, doubt is the last thing I, as a fresh college graduate and a struggling law student, would need. It’s tough enough being surrounded by people who already have clear-cut plans set out for them and by them, especially those already working their way to their freaking dreams. Inspiring, yes but it just makes me uneasy most of the time. To not have those things yourself, to be clueless about what you really want in life is an entirely different kind of tough. It’s the kind that catches up with you every chance it gets, and when it does, the feeling takes so long to shake off (but you try to shake it off anyway). At least that’s what I do. I procrastinate.


You doubt yourself.


You doubt if you want it bad enough, or even at all.